Drillco was founded in 1966 as a distributor for mining and drilling equipment in Chile. Then evolved into a drilling service company for geotechnical, tunnelling and open pit blasthole drilling.

After some years, our company added a manufacturing operation, first for Top Hammer percussion bits and later for Down the Hole Hammers and Bits.

Over the years Drillco has expanded into all of the Americas, achieving the market share leadership in the mining industry of this region.


Based on our vast experience and knowledge of the mining and drilling industries in several regions, Drillco is prepared to offer its products to any industry and region where hard rock drilling is required. This includes oil & gas, geothermal, quarries, waterwell and civil engineering drilling.

Our company is recognized for its technical approach, and all our products are manufactured with the aim of offering tools specially designed for each of these industries’ needs.

Drillco´s goal is to offer customers a smooth and trouble-free experience, having as ultimate target to offer the lowest cost per meter, while also achieving the other performance targets, considered relevant to each individual application.

Our team is made of individuals from varying backgrounds and fields of expertise. Each member offers their own unique contribution to Drillco’s effort in bringing true value to our clients.